Dnnni北欧现代创意红嘴蓝白色手工彩绘陶瓷花瓶 家居客厅个性摆件

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Brand: DNNNI
Material: ceramics
size: Large, trumpet, medium
style: Nordic style
Origin: China Mainland
province: Guangdong Province
city: Dongguan city
Color Classification: 红嘴蓝纹花瓶(小号),红嘴小圆点花瓶(中号),红嘴大圆点花瓶(大号),套餐一/红嘴蓝纹花瓶小+中+大号
Spandem: Desktop vase
Item number: C01075
Applicable scene: Living room, bedroom, desktop, bed head, home, festival, company, study