European light luxury dark green living room carpet North Europe ins net red green bedside mat bedroom tea table sofa blanket

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brand: mat republic
product: chenille
pattern: Other /other
style: Other /other
shape: Rectangle
Place of Origin: Chinese Mainland
Carpet size: 140CM×200CM,160CM×230CM,200CM×300CM
Applicable space: Study, cloakroom, living room, bedroom
Color classification: 罗尼亚,蒙特利尔,南飞的大雁,深色琥珀-方,粉色奇缘-方,诸神黄昏,香氛,墨绿色的拱门,金铭
Technology: Machine weaving
Selling mode: Finished carpet (yuan / piece)
Cleaning type: Vacuuming
Item number: CXNA0015
Applicable scenario: household